Stream: Latin America and Marxism(s)

Now in its third year, we announce a Call for Abstracts for the stream on Latin American Marxism(s) which will take place in the Historical Materialism XIII Annual Conference, to be held in London, on 10-13 of November, 2016. The aim of this call is to put together a series of papers and panels based on Latin American Marxism(s) broadly conceived. In this sense, the proposal is open to philosophical, historical, economic, geographical, literary, and/or political approaches related to Marxist practices and/or theories in Latin America.
In terms of subjects and contents, the stream is open to any relevant proposal that approaches Latin America (or any of its discrete realities) from Marxist perspectives. We suggest the following topics as orientations to the potential contributors, albeit this is not an exhaustive list:
· Colonialism, imperialism and post-colonialism.
· The end of the ‘pink tide’ and the return of neoliberal policies.
· Latin American materialities: sounds, visions, and words.
· Made in Latin America: conceptual contributions to global Marxism.
· Connected histories, crossed readings: Marxism from/to Latin America.

· Spanish Marxisms: reading Marxists from Spain and Hispanic-America.
· Neo-extractivism and geographies of uneven development: capital accumulation and class-formation.
We ask for 300-word abstracts by 1 June 2016. When sending your abstract, please state in the subject heading of the e-mail both “Latin American Marxism panel” and the general area relevant to your paper (i.e. economics, philosophy, etc.). Please also include your institutional affiliation and correspondence e-mail address as part of the abstract. We will then collate all accepted proposals and organize them into panels, contacting the authors of non-accepted abstracts with a personal e-mail of explanation.
Proposals should be sent to Irina Feldman (, and Felipe Lagos (, as well as through the Historical Materialism website.