Stream: Marxism, Sexuality and Political Economy

The Sexuality and Political Economy network, affiliated to Historical Materialism (HM), invite paper/panel proposals for a stream of panels at HM London 2016 on the theme of Marxism, Sexuality and Political Economy.
The second half of the 20th Century has seen the emergence of legislative, legal and political change towards the relative legitimation of LGBTQI sexual identities and relationships (to different degrees in different parts of the globe). These changes have taken through a period of economic crisis for social democratic states and a resurgence of neo-liberalism. The character of this legitimation has been an identarian politics, driven by a politics of recognition focused on legal change and protests against violence and inequality. The achievements of this political change cannot be underestimated in their impact on LGBTQI lives, and bares contrast with parts of the globe where sexual rights and justice are still highly contested and persecution and structural inequalities persist. Nevertheless, the terms of contemporary LGBTQI politics presents challenges for those who think legal equality and civil recognition are not the end of the journey.
Commodification is a core constituent of sexual space and place, making consumption and the market key and causal features in its development. Sexual tolerance might be described as being driven by and beneficial to advanced capitalist political economies. There is evidence that notwithstanding legal and civil measures of equality in some parts of the globe, there is still structural inequalities based on culture and economic stratifications. There remain racial, gendered, class and other forms of prejudice, pathology and exclusion within sexual communities, and identitarian politics has focused around LGBTQI issues (to different extents and with relative inclusions and exclusions). Homonormativity and heteronationalism have been subject to critique as representing an accommodation with rather than a fundamental challenge to heteronormativity. In the Global South and across the globe, there is still violence and prejudice against those who are sexually different.
Papers are sought that explore those themes and enrich our understanding of the political economy of sexuality from a Marxist perspective, under these broad categories:
• Commodification, Consumption and Sexual Space
• Commodification, Consumption and Homonormativity in neo-Liberal Contexts
• The Market, Capitalism and Sexual Rights and Justice
• Queer Labour, Queer Capital
• Marxism, sexuality studies, feminism and political economy
• Queer Intersections and political economy
• Sexual political economy in global contexts
• The political economy of trans and intersex
• Capitalism, class and the terms of queer resistance
• Sexual dimensions of gendered capitalism as a mode of social
production and reproduction
• Imperialist and Colonial interventions, Islamophobia, homonationalism and
• the sexual dynamics of capitalist restoration in China
• Globalising the dialogues between Sexuality, political economy and Marxism
Paper should be submitted to the HM conference website in the normal fashion but clearly marked in the submission title MSPEN in order to be considered for these panels. The deadline for submissions in June 1st. Queries and questions can be sent to Paul Reynolds (
Organisers: Holly Lewis (Texas); Nat Raha (Sussex); Paul Reynolds (Edge Hill/HM Editorial Board); Alan Sears (Ryerson)