Financial accumulation, soft law and development in Brazil

Carolina Alves Vestena
Guilherme Leite Gonçalves
  State University of Rio de Janeiro


The financial accumulation is based on - national and transnational - regulatory interventions that are able to adjust non-commoditized spaces, allowing its commodification. In Brazil, this has meant the production of legal reforms as required by rules of the global market (soft law) and by neoliberal policies in order to facilitate the flow of finance capital. It is a dynamic interwoven in the institutions using either legitimating factors of speculative trends, or the explicit violence for the expropriation of social groups. The objective of our paper proposal is to analyze the development of this dynamic and its role in the financial accumulation in the Brazilian case. Therefore, it is to analyze the policies and legal designs implemented in the last decade in order to question to what extent the so-called Brazilian developmentalist policies were functional for the current phase of neoliberal accumulation.
To: Annual Conference General CFP: Limits, Barriers and Borders

financial accumulation, neoliberal policies, soft law, Brazil