The agenda of the feminist movement in Argentina against the international economic crisis

Almendra Aladro


The National Women Encounter is a self-convene event that has taken place annually without interruption and self-managed for 30 years in Argentina. This event invites all women, regardless of their political or party membership, to diagram the main points of the national feminist agenda in a democratic and horizontal reaching consensus.

The way that the activities are organized consists of the division of the Encounter in workshops, which address different problem areas related to the reality of women and culminate with the joint drafting of a document.

These conclusions are the space that synthesizes the struggles that the feminist movement has been developing from the various work or study insertion places where women are participating.

Due to the slogans established after the discussion in the workshops, it has been possible to organize the National Campaigns which successfully succeeded in making a reality laws like Divorce Link; Shared parental rights; the ratification of the Treaty Against All Forms of Discrimination on Women; Female Cupo for elective office; the Sexual Health and Responsible Procreation; the Gender Violence; Against Human Trafficking in Persons; Equal Marriage; and Gender Identity.

Though systematic, the topics discussed during the meetings are not uniform with the course of time, what has been represented in increasing the number of scheduled workshops and the conclusions that arise thereof.

The international economic crisis has not been an issue far from the women's movement in Argentina, to the point that it is one of the inevitable issues analyzed during the meeting coordinated workshops.

This article aims to examine the agenda of the feminist movement in Argentina and its variations over the past 10 years through the analysis of the conclusions of the workshop on "Women and Global Crisis" developed by women participating in the National Women Encounters, in order to determine the relationship between the international situation and the historical claims of Argentine women.

Crisis - Economics - Emancipation - Feminine - Feminised labour - Gender - Marxist-feminism - Materialist Feminism - Neoliberalism