The Nature of Today’s Ongoing Capitalist Crisis

A userpanel on 'The Nature of Today’s Ongoing Capitalist Crisis'

Al Campbell

Type Pre-Constituted Panel
When May 18, 2016
from 02:37 PM to 02:37 PM
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It is broadly perceived (correctly or not), both by mouthpieces of capital and working people around the world, that capitalism today is doing unacceptably less well that it was doing under neoliberalism up to 2007, and than it was doing in postwar capitalism prior to neoliberalism. This panel will consider this politically crucial issue of today’s ongoing “crisis of capitalism.” Contributions will look to empirical evidence to presents theoretical explanations of the nature of the current ongoing crisis. The panel will consist of the following three contributions: The Nature of Today’s Ongoing Capitalist Crisis. Al Campbell and Erdogan Bakir Recessions, depressions and recoveries: theory and evidence. Michael Roberts Surplus Money Capital as Crisis Mechanism. Jim Kincaid What the authors consider a particularly valuable aspect to this panel is that the participants will start a process of interchanging thoughts and comments on each other’s works 4 months before the panel, allowing a much deeper investigation of the ideas involved than from the usual (also valuable) “first confrontation” occurring in the panel itself.