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14th Annual Conference #1917. Rethinking Dual Power to Take Back the Power Abstract
14th Annual Conference 100 years of Capital in Finland Abstract
Paula Rauhala, Jussi Silvonen
14th Annual Conference A Critical Analysis of Social Reproductive Labour of Women In the Context of Neoliberal/Rural Dispossessions: The Turkish Case Abstract
Ozlem Tezcek
14th Annual Conference A dialogue between Social Reproduction Feminism and French Materialist Feminism. From domestic labour to social reproduction and (dialectically) back again Abstract
Elsa Boulet
14th Annual Conference A historical materialist perspective on Social Movements as struggle Abstract
Carolina Alves Vestena, Anne Engelhardt, Madelaine Moore, Lara Freire Santanna
14th Annual Conference Abortion as strike, abortion as riot? Abstract
Eleanor Penny
14th Annual Conference Accounting as the Language of Advanced Financial Capital and Indebtedness Abstract
Rebecca Warren, David Carter
14th Annual Conference Agrarian class differentiations in Uzbekistan: bypassing the market versus state dichotomy Abstract
Lorena Lombardozzi
14th Annual Conference Alternative responses to the diabolic crisis: austerity, Keynesianism or ecosocialism. Abstract
Ståle Holgersen
14th Annual Conference Althusser and Lukács on the October Revolution and Lenin: (Missed) Encounters towards a New Approach to Political Practice Abstract
Konstantinos Gousis, Dimitra Alifieraki, Alexander Minotakis
14th Annual Conference Ambivalent Views from Central Europe: Rudolf Hilferding, Otto Bauers, and the Russian Revolutions of 1917 Abstract
William Smaldone
14th Annual Conference Analysing digital work: platforms, dashboards, and the gig economy (Panel) Abstract
Jamie Woodcock
14th Annual Conference Ancient multitudes and modern revolution Abstract
Marcus Bajema
14th Annual Conference Anti-Caste Movements and Bolshevik Revolution- Possible Routes to Socialism Abstract
nachiket kulkarni
14th Annual Conference Antiquity and Modernity of Soviet Marxism. Presentation of special issue of the journal Stasis (2, 2017) Abstract
Alexei Penzin, Keti Chukhrov, Maria Chehonadskih, Evgeni V. Pavlov
14th Annual Conference Art is… the permanent revolution: working artists against Capital Abstract
Marcos Fabris
14th Annual Conference Assimilating the Russian Revolution: Earl Browder’s Struggle to Americanise Communism Abstract
Laura Browder
14th Annual Conference At the thresholds of ecological economics: Sergey Podolinsky and the roots of global energetics Abstract
Giulia Rispoli
14th Annual Conference Bailout, Checkout or Breakout? Structural Leverage and Sectoral Constraints in the Contemporary Class Compromise Abstract
Nantina Vgontzas
14th Annual Conference Barthes, Tel Quel, and The genesis of Third meaning Abstract
Ian Peter Stone
14th Annual Conference Between Speculation and Dispossession: Pakistan Military’s Urban Coup d'état Abstract
Ateeb Ahmed
14th Annual Conference Beyond the Gendered Division of Labor: Revisiting Third Space Feminism Abstract
Magally A. Miranda-Alcazar
14th Annual Conference Black Marxism and the colonial world in Daniel Guérin’s political thought Abstract
Selim Nadi
14th Annual Conference Blacking Out: Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man and the Historicity of Anti-Blackness Abstract
Sean O'Brien
14th Annual Conference Bogdanov's Return and Contemporary Marxian Critique of Global Political Economy Abstract
Mehmet Gursan Senalp, Orsan Senalp
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